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Dear Club Leader,

If you’re currently looking to recruit, retain, and include more women and girls and grow your local sports club, we have great news for you!

Pro Sport Coach and SALT Sport and Life Training are combining to offer your club a unique and complete approach to successfully integrating women and girls into your club.

This seminar will outline the key steps for clubs to take, and how we can work with you to support Healthy Masculinity and empower Champions of Change within your club. It will include information on how your club could access up to $5,000 for initiatives and activities that drive women and girls’ participation in sport. 

If your club is determined to create a level playing field for women and girls, then we strongly encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and we look forward to your feedback!

– Nat and Dave


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Frequently Asked Questions

This Include Women and Girls program is for community sports clubs.

The program isn’t just a bunch of tips. It gives you the exact process Pro Sport Coach has used to help clubs just like yours. It draws on Nat’s industry experience as a university lecturer, Council officer, and coach across 27 different sports. It combines SALT’s experience as a leading provider of high quality, interactive education sessions having worked with over 480 community sport clubs in delivering over 2,200 sessions that have positively impacted over 66,000 people since 2015.

The program is delivered via an online workshop with leaders from other clubs – just like you. 

We won’t just give you information – we’ll give you a process. Because when you know the exact steps to follow to get a specific result (eg, more players), it takes out a whole lot of guesswork, trial and error, and frustration.