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At this in-person networking event and workshop, you will:

  • Meet with other clubs, share your own hard-earned learnings, and get insights as to how to recruit and retain volunteers, sponsors, and players

  • Discover a simple but highly effective framework to stop wasting time on ‘doomed to fail’ recruitment and retention techniques

  • Get your own volunteer, sponsor, or player recruitment and retention strategy for immediate use within your club

This event will be facilitated by experts from SALT Sport and Life Training and Pro Sport Coach, with light refreshments provided to all attendees.

When: 6pm-8pm, Monday 19 February
Where: Wyndham Civic Centre, 40 Princess Highway, Werribee (function room 2 & 3)
Cost: Free

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Frequently Asked Questions

This program is for community sports clubs within Wyndham.

The workshop draws on a breadth of club development and behavioural science research and experience.

It gives you the exact process Pro Sport Coach has used to help a range of clubs, drawing on Nat’s industry experience as a university lecturer, Council officer, and coach across 27 different sports. It combines SALT’s experience as a leading provider of high quality, interactive education sessions having worked with over 480 community sport clubs in delivering over 2,200 sessions that have positively impacted over 66,000 people since 2015.

The program is delivered in-person at the Council Civic Centre. The session will be highly interactive, facilitating conversations with people from other clubs, while providing expert input. You will learn different recruitment and retention strategies for volunteering, sponsorship, and players, and get help to develop a strategy in one of these areas.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Clubs with the highest levels of volunteering tend to be excellent at sharing information and empowering other potential leaders to participate. This is a perfect opportunity to invite people within your club who have shown a passion for your club, and an aptitude to be involved in committee leadership or recruitment of volunteers, sponsors, and/or players.