This online webinar is a joint presentation with Grant Professionals who will talk about grants that can fund the improvement of your culture, programs, and coach education.

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Dear Club Leader,

If you’re currently looking to get better sports programs that improve, engage, and retain more players, I have great news for you!

Many years ago, when I was at the Melbourne Storm, I started developing a clear picture of what a good coach and player development program looked like. Since then I have invested countless hours creating, testing and improving our unique set of powerful player program systems…
And now, we have assembled our very best processes into this new Program Quality System to help you improve, engage, and retain more players today!
I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and I look forward to your feedback!

What You'll Discover

Increase development, retention, and off-field strength

Get crystal clear on what a successful player program looks like

Systemise coach recruitment, development and education

Unleash the leadership skills of your playing group to drive enduring cultural standards

Unlock parent influence to increase player retention and recruitment


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Frequently Asked Questions

This sports program webinar is for community sports clubs that provide coaching and development programs for players.

The program isn’t just a bunch of tips or ideas. It draws on a breadth of community sport, leadership, and resilience research, and, Nat’s industry experience as a coach across 27 different sports, University lecturer, and consultant.

The program is delivered via an online workshop with other clubs just like yours

We found that other programs lack a clearly articulated picture of what a highly effective sports program looks like. When you know what the components are, you can start working towards putting them in place.