Leveraging grant funding to help in running your club is critical!
But do you know what to spend it on?
Here are the nine ways we’re seeing clubs leverage the current SRV grants (closing very soon) to transform their work:
Funded initiative #1 – Organising your systems like clockwork
42% of clubs that come to us seek help to improve their governance, systems, and processes. This is critical to avoid the exhaustion of key volunteers and prevent things falling through the cracks. To do this we help clubs map out their annual operational tasks into a clear and simple system that covers the committee, player programs, revenue generation, volunteer recruitment, and communications/engagement/events.
Funded initiative #2 – Spreading the workload across more volunteers
By spreading the workload you can enjoy your club more and avoid losing key personnel due to overwhelm and stress. At Pro Sport Coach we have a unique process to help clubs define and delegate work to more volunteers. Clubs finish this work with a clear structure for how their club should function and a step-by-step plan to achieve it.
Funded initiative #3 – Volunteer recruitment, retention, and succession
If you need to recruit up to 32 new volunteers then we’ve done this for clubs before. By recruiting and retaining volunteers you can spread the workload, avoid burnout, and expand the outputs of the club. Instead of just receiving general tips and training your grant should help you take the next step and implement an evidence-based volunteer recruitment, retention, and succession system. 
Funded initiative #4 – Meet your obligations in child safety, inclusion, and diversity
With new Victorian Child Safety Standards coming into force in the next six months, all clubs will be required to get their child safety systems in order. A grant can help clubs systemise their child safety so that there is a reduced burden on meeting legal obligations in this area. For clubs that desire it, it is then quick and easy to extend this child safety work into broader diversity and inclusion initiatives that can assist in improving access and equity for groups in your club that are under-represented (eg, girls and women).
Funded initiative #5 – Recruit more committed players and create a steady supply stream for year on year growth
If your club is struggling to fill teams or if a lack of players results in a poor player culture, then consider using a grant to fix this. Using evidence-based recruitment and retention frameworks, we’ve helped clubs recruit up to 100 new players in one pre-season so they can create a ‘bursting at the seams’ player pathway. We’ve based our player recruitment system on the exact framework Pro Sport Coach, Nat Gilbert, teaches in his university lecturing role at Victoria University.
Funded initiative #6 – Systemise member engagement, communication, and social media
A thriving club community involves members who ‘buy in’, get involved, and get excited about what is happening around the club. Clubs can get an annual communications and events plan that includes ‘done for you’ social media posts and event support. This type of project has a downstream benefit because getting your club buzzing can support all aspects of club development including getting more revenue, volunteers, and players.
Funded initiative #7 – Sell more sponsorships and generate more annual revenue
Secure up $45,000 of new sponsorship revenue in one pre-season by implementing tried and tested sponsorship systems. First, you can get assistance in selecting a sponsorship strategy. Then, your club can benefit from done-for-you marketing materials, sales processes, and contracts. Finally, your club can get support in implementing your custom sponsorship system that provides renewable revenue year after year.
Funded initiative #8 – Develop a premium membership
Clubs routinely generate up to $20,000 of new revenue per annum by introducing premium memberships. A grant can help clubs structure their offering, market it to prospective premium members, and lock in new revenue.
Funded initiative #9 – Maximise your fund-raising revenue
For many clubs, fund-raising generates thousands of dollars in revenue per year. For some clubs, this can be amplified to up to $30,000 in annual revenue by implementing fund-raising best practice. Clubs can benefit from a grant to develop and implement a fund-raising strategy based on whether your club needs more operational revenue or a rapid cash injection for a capital project.

Make it happen!

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