The problem with Strategic Planning processes is that you can spend hours and thousands dollars putting them together – only for them to sit on a shelf gathering dust.

Over the years, we have worked with hundreds of clubs so that we could develop a deep understanding of where things go wrong.

Strategic Planning processes often fail because:

  • The plan is too vague
  • It doesn’t tell you when to implement things
  • It just tells you what to do – not how you should do it


We have found these problems occur when the Strategic Planning process doesn’t match what the club needs. In fact, often a club needs their strategic planning process to focus on some very specific needs – such as how they might get volunteers, however, all they get is a wishy washy sentence in their plan telling them that they ‘need to recruit more volunteers’!

Here is how we approach Strategic Planning at Pro Sport Coach so that you get a useful and effective Strategic Plan:

Step 1 – Identify your needs

First, we will have a free phone conversation to discover your needs. When you have this initial conversation with us, we will ask you questions to understand your situation. We will use our expertise to diagnose what type of Strategic Plan you need. This step will help you minimise your investment of money and time into getting an effective strategic plan.

Step 2 – Analyse the club’s specific situation

In Step 2, we analyse your club’s specific situation so that the strategy we create actually works.

Step 3 – Select activities

Next, we help you select which activities you should do to achieve your goals. This step doesn’t just tell you what you should do, it also tells you how you should do it.

Step 4 – Assign deadlines & responsibilities

In Step 4 we make sure you have what you need to track and implement your plan. Instead of giving you a document that sits on a shelf, we have a custom system that drives accountability.

Step 5 – Produce the final product

Finally we will help you communicate your Strategic Plan to the people that matter. We ensure it looks great, easy-to-understand, and effective in showing your stakeholders that your club has a professional approach.