Get The Exact System We Use To Help Clubs & Associations Implement Child Safety Requirements

Dear club leader,

Protecting the children in your club is important work, but it is also a huge job. We make it easier for clubs and Associations to implement child safety and risk management practices by reducing the mental and physical workload on the volunteer.

The task is not an easy one, the Commission for Children and Young People have provided a guide with 160 compliance indicators that organisations are expected to meet. However, this is a very large piece of work for volunteers. The biggest challenges are:

  1. Understanding everything that is required – volunteers have identified that they don’t have the mental bandwidth to access, read, and make sense of all the compliance indicators
  2. Designing a child safety system – while most sports governing bodies have provided some key documents, they may only address some of the compliance indicators. 91 of the 160 compliance indicators are ‘Actions’ that the club is expected to take on an ongoing basis. Coming up with a way to make sure your club embeds these actions over the years ahead is a mentally challenging and time consuming job.
  3. Creating supplementary documentation – many sporting bodies have only provided clubs with templates for the core child safety documents. For example, supplementary policies, child safety communications, and review documents are all examples of documentation that may not be provided.


The good news is we have developed one of the cleanest most simple solutions possible! Book your FREE strategy call now and we can discuss how we can help you.

Talk soon,
– Nat

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