The Pro Sport Coach Volunteer Resource Support Program

Get your volunteers 12-months worth of access to nearly 300 tools, templates, and trainings.

Get more volunteers, players, revenue, and more

Help your people feel more confident in their roles

Save time and effort with high quality templates so you don’t have to ‘reinvent the wheel’

Dear Club Leader,

If you’re currently looking to make it easier to run your local sports club, I have great news for you!

For a number of years, Pro Sport Coach has invested countless hours creating, testing and improving our unique set of powerful volunteer support systems…
And now, Maribyrnong Council are providing an opportunity for the first 20 clubs to access some of our very best tools, templates, and trainings via this new 12-Month Pro Sport Coach Online Membership.
I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this unique opportunity, and I look forward to your feedback!


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Frequently Asked Questions

This resourcing program is for community sports clubs that rely on volunteers.

It is not designed for professional clubs who only have paid staff.

The program draws on a breadth of community sport research and Nat’s industry experience as a university lecturer, Council officer, and coach across 27 different sports.

All trainings and templates are provided online so that you and your volunteers can get ‘anytime access’ to a range of tools based on your role. 

There’s lots of great content out there for club leaders, but not many of us have time to find exactly what we need. Our system is especially designed to help you find exactly what you need – fast.

What's Included

Examples of What Is Provided