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Hi there,

If you’re currently looking to work in sport, develop your skillset, and generate some income, then keep reading!

For a number of years, I have invested countless hours in developing myself as a consultant…
And now, after securing contracts valued at over $100,000, as well as roles as a University Lecturer, Council Consultant, and Club Development Consultant, I think there could be opportunities to help more people (like you?) to develop themselves as consultants.
I can’t, and won’t, promise you the world. Consulting has its benefits and challenges. But if you’re interested in moving into this line of work, then I encourage you to register your interest with me and we can explore whether this option might be a good decision for you.

The Opportunity - Further Information

At Pro Sport Coach, we service a number of clubs, Councils, and Sporting Organisation who would benefit from consulting assistance. For example, this might be strategic planning, participation strategies, and help to better structure their programs.

However, I can only do so many of these consulting projects at a time. Therefore, rather than turn work away, one option is for me to engage or refer to other consultants who are looking for contracts to deliver this type of work.

Could it be you? If you’re already running a consulting business, or if you’re interested in potentially starting one, I’m inviting you to book a time with me for a chat about your work skillset and some training opportunities that might be available through Pro Sport Coach.

Need to know more about being a consultant?

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, and to help you decide if a conversation with me is worth our time, here are some honest insights about the realities of consulting:

Pros of being a consultant in community sport:

  • You can develop a broad set of professional skills and knowledge eg, learn about governance, management, culture, leadership, marketing, and much more
  • There is the potential to earn what works out to be a really good hourly rate
  • The flexibility. I work from home, go back and forth to the kitchen (a lot!), and sometimes do a workout when my brain needs a break. Consulting has been a great gig while I’ve had young kids so I can help with nappy changes, school pickups, etc. It can be a really good side-hustle gig too if you already work a full time job.

Cons of being a consultant in community sport:

  • Sometimes you have to work in the evenings when volunteers are available – I have preferred to structure things so that I’m rarely out/in meetings more than 2 nights per week – this is more physically sustainable for me and means I’m not away from my family too much.
  • Earning good money in community sport can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. It took me years to get my systems to the point of making it worth the effort – there wasn’t anyone I could learn this stuff from. I’ve been through lots of trial and error to figure out how to structure different packages and services that work well in the community sport industry.
  • The income isn’t regular. While certain projects can bring in good revenue, the nature of consulting is that you get paid per project. This means you have to manage your personal finances in a way that is different to people who get a regular paycheck. For example, when managing my family’s mortgage, I’ve made sure we’ve got a strong savings buffer to withstand the irregular ebb and flow of income.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several qualities that I believe are important.

Firstly, you need to be self-driven, because you are the boss of your time. Having the discipline to follow through on your promises, is an important part of developing a strong industry reputation.

Secondly, you need to have proficiency in communicating. You’ll need to be able to relate to people, communicate to groups/committees, and be able to communicate professionally in writing.

Finally, consulting suits someone who is process oriented. Being an efficient consultant is essential to deliver a good service and maximise your earning power. This often means following a system or linear set of processes that enables you to produce high quality work.

My feeling is that for many people, consulting will take them some time (12-months+) before they have enough work to make an income that is equivalent to a full time gig. Or to put it in other words, consulting work can take a while to build up. Having said that, the benefit with consulting is that you set your own price and get paid per project rather than an hourly rate. So for example, some of my $5,000 Strategic Planning projects have been a really time-effective way for me to earn that relatively decent chunk of money.

If you’re in a tight financial situation, remember that consulting income is irregular, and that unlike being employed, there are no guarantees that any income will come in. 

No, this is not an employment opportunity. There is a difference between being an employee and a contractor. 

Being a contractor means that you are running your own business and can run things as you see fit. For example, you choose your own hours, you can charge whatever price you want for your work, and you can decide whether it is worth taking on a job or not.

I don’t know the answer to that until we have a chat. I will ask you some questions to better understand your specific situation, and then discuss some options so that we can each decide on a path forward.